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    Post  Juyoh on Fri 1 Jun - 12:06

    Hello everybody
    My name is Juyoh, it's the name of a Hotel from tokyo ^^

    i'm the owner of a Bowman lvl 50.

    i come from the same guild as gavin , on the french version , so i can assure you i know the game , but i need something like a new begining.

    plz be free to ask me if you need something.

    see you soon

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    Post  Awnorus on Fri 1 Jun - 13:14

    Hi and welcome on the forum!

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    Post  Gavin on Fri 1 Jun - 21:49

    Welcome in your home now, my friend ! cheers

    I'm glad to see you with us and, of course, I don't have to ask anything. Very Happy

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