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    -"Nethrax .. I don't think you thought this through.. We should get back before master Therador notice our absence and gets mad"
    -"Shh you cowered! You’re going to wake the hounds, my sleeping spell isn't that strong yet. Besides, old Therador is going to get mad any way when he discovers that I stole his magic scrolls.. "
    -"YOU STOLE HIS WHAT!? .. By the gods why did I came with you..  *sigh* At least wipe that smirky smile off your face, it's like you're not aware of the danger we're in»

    Erasmus was right, I thought this mission was an easy one, and I couldn’t be more wrong. We were two acolytes getting trained by grand master Therador, one of the greatest Gith mages and dark magic experts. Therador only took two apprentices to train every ten years but such a privilege wasn’t enough for my unquenchable thirst for magic. I found his way of teaching to be slow, after all I have been selected from hundreds of talented young Giths, so why do I have to put up with the basic training for a whole year!

    Untitled... SHPNE8i
    Nethrax at the start of her training

    On a cold and gloomy night, a group of hooded horsemen came to the master’s place seeking to have words with him. This triggered my curiosity as Therador wasn’t the type for hosting guests , since he spends years with his nose buried in books, his social skills were a little bit rusty. I stood close to the door eavesdropping, hoping to overhear them talking about an advanced spell. Though I casted a senses focusing spell it was difficult to spy on their conversation, but I managed to understand that were hunting a malevolent Ulath shaman called “Rahib the Defiler” and they needed the wizard’s help to catch him before he finishes some sort of a powerful weapon he was crafting . And there it was! My golden opportunity to earn Therador’s respect, if I get my hands on that weapon before the shaman uses it he well definitely allow me to start an intensive training and give me the knowledge I deserve. I waited there enough to get the Ulath’s Location then stormed out to the Library where I found some scrolls written by the grand wizard that allowed me to cast some spells I didn’t master yet. I put the scrolls in my bag and I got ready to start my adventure but Erasmus caught me while I was leaving. He tried in vain to stop me but, faced by my determination, he opted to accompany me in case I needed help.

    And there we were, two young mages in front of the creepy shaman’s shack, surrounded by the giant hounds that I put to sleep before they could make the slightest sound. The operation was running smoothly and I got even cockier. I mean, how tough this Rahib is, sure Ulaths can be fierce warriors or vicious rangers, but when it comes to magic they are no match for a Gith. Erasmus examined the place and pointed at a crack on the wall, large enough to take a peek of what’s inside the hut..

    At the first glance, I noticed a circle drawn on the floor with various sigils on it, the shack was filthy but he was clearly using it for some sort of ritual. Seconds later our foe appeared, he was hefty but a bit aged. His edged horns could impale an armor and his skinless face makes wonder what kind of horrors he have seen. He walked slowly mumbling words whose origins lay on another long lost world, then put a skull on the center of the circle. He took a brief pause then muttered:
    “The skull of a dragon breaker* .. a shard of the dammed prince’s soul .. drops from mother troll’s blood .. three hairs from the faceless beast .. and a pinch of the unholy land’s dust.. Finally my quest reach its end , my chaotic orb almost complete ..”

    Untitled... PdmxvPdUntitled... ME9uLqW
    Rahib the Defiler and the Orb of Chaos

    Rahib was reciting his last incantation while Erasmus was shaking under the effect of the shaman’s intimidating aura.
    “Did you hear what he is making? Do you know how hard it is to acquire those ingredients? Come to your senses and let us leave before it’s too late”

    But I couldn’t care less about his warnings, running away after reaching this far was out of the question. And as soon as the horned demon finished his conjuration I jumped inside casting a silence spell on him and snatching the orb from his hand. My foolish plan was based on taking away his ability to use magic leaving him completely venerable missing the fact that he’s still an Ulath and he wasn’t going to think twice about using his muscles against me. He managed to knock me down as I was fleeing to the door, giving him enough time to break from my spell.
    “You have made an unwise decision you mindless brat ... Your incursion ends here, burn as your pathetic magic betrays you!”

    He reached to a knife at his waist, cut a wound in his hand and poured drops of his blood into a fireplace next to him. Instantly the smoke turned a thick, swirling red. He leaned forward and inhaled the fumes as his eyes went all black and in violent move launched a shadow ball toward me. I felt the cold hand of death upon my heart as I rose the chaotic orb in a desperate attempted to deflect the fatal spell. A strong blinded my sight as I fainted, and that was my last memory of this tragic misadventure.

    Untitled... QbIUYzL
    The spell striking the Orb causing the explosion

    With a gasp I woke up later to find Therador next to my bed, he said that he found a note from Erasmus asking him to follow us to the shack as soon as he reads it, but it was a bit late. He arrived just when the spell hit the orb causing the explosion, Erasmus charged to battle making a distraction while Therador transported me to a safe place. By the time he got back to the shaman’s lair, the wicked Ulath was long gone, the only thing left was the incinerated remains of Erasmus who didn’t survive the fight.
    Therador also explained that I owed my life to the chaotic force, the spell was so strong that it broke through the orb, but the chaos field created by the explosion have weakened it, reducing its effect to become a curse causing the blood of the Ulath to run through my vein. The horns on top of my head stand a remainder of that and a witness to my allegiance to the forces of chaos.

    So there you have it Dolf, the answer to your question about my looks, as how I reached your door step, let’s wait and see if I trust you enough to tell you that story.

    *A dragon breaker = A powerful mage , capable of breaking a dragon's will.

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